Today in the city Largo 22.04.2018

The Best Astrology References In Rap Songs

As we approach Taurus season and adjust to a new moon, let’s take a look at some of the best astrology references in rap songs. From Leos to Pisces, there’s a lyric out there for (almost) everybody.

Inside Prince’s Legendary Fashion Archives at Paisley Park

Prince had thousands of jumpsuits, Lurex tunics, man heels, and pj’s, constituting one of the greatest rock ’n’ roll closets of all time.

German Music Business Slammed Over Anti-Semitic Lyric Controversy at Echo Awards

German rap duo Kollegah and Farid Bang, whose songs include lyrics that many consider anti-Semitic, are at the center of a rapidly widening uproar that has drawn in a wide array of commenters after th...

Israel marks 70 years as a nation as new and old challenges lurk

Israel celebrated 70 years since the country's foundation on Wednesday, lauding its improbable economic success and military prowess, but facing a range of political and security challenges. The anni...

Doolittle Raid-Historic Footage

Footage of the Doolittle Raiders Mission and USS Hornet-No Audio On 18 April 1942, airmen of the US Army Air Forces, led by Lt. Col. James H. (Jimmy) Doolittle, carried the Battle of the Pacific to t...

What it's like being extremely tall

I was afraid of Midget Mark. Everyone at my favorite dive bar in Hong Kong, the Globe, called him Accountant Mark when he was within earshot, because he was the bar's accountant, but when he wasn't ar...

Trevor Noah is really excited about Sean Hannity's new lawyer problem

Michael Cohen's lawyer reluctantly revealed in court on Monday that Cohen's mysterious third client, along with President Trump and GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy, was Sean Hannity. There was an audible...

Here's how NASA's TESS will hunt for alien planets

Billions and billions of worlds lurk beyond our solar system. But most of the time, we can't see them.  Alien planets large and small are usually drowned out by the light of their own stars when...

Looks That Rock At Coachella

While band shirts are timeless, this year’s lyric tees are making a bold style statement on and off the Coachella festival grounds.

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